32) The Only BAD use For Duct Tape.

Hello!  The ladder previously not cheerily padded my fall so I use new improved system show off awesome house hold hint.

28) Katana Slice Avocado in Half in Air! Keep Avocado Fresh Trick!

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27) Innovative Way Kill Bug!

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Ivekt in USA

Ivekt have a gooood time while being a broad!

Most incredible photographicalness is by Travers Dow.  He no suck!

26) Remove Hillary Sticker Easily! 2x Ninja Swords!

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25) Sparkler Bomb Scare Mormon!

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24) Use Acid Coke to Melt Rust!

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  • A Message From Ivekt!

    This web series is for those awesome friends who like domestic hints, tricks, and weapons.

    Who knows? You may even use some of Ivekt Awesome Tricks!

    Bun noroc!

    With Love,


    [ from Moldova ]