35) SICK IVEKT with zombie killer 12 Gauge Shotgun (Remington 830)

Happy Christmas friends!  We have Christmas in January 7 on Moldova.  Is baaad that I have to wait 2 weeks longer than rest of world, but Ivekt is patient and handsome even though is sickness with cold.  Am also at inlaw house.  It is nice, but inlaw are everywhere, no?


34) Dominating Greasees on BBQ Rack.

Ever have the trouble getting greasees off of oven rack?  Let Ivekt show!

33) Clean filthy animal technique.

Household demonstration of awesome friend: Fuzzy filthy kitteh!  This is demonstration of bathing cat with wet water as opposed to dry cleaning (shown in previous video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtDJlXJNDKI

32) The Only BAD use For Duct Tape.

Hello!  The ladder previously not cheerily padded my fall so I use new improved system show off awesome house hold hint.

31) Use NUN-chucks to Keep Little Birds Away? PERHAPS!

YAY FOR WEAPON!  Nunchuks! EASIER METHODING!  This is Ivekt from Moldova!  Enjoy my domesticness!

30) How to Determine Slug from Garden

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28) Katana Slice Avocado in Half in Air! Keep Avocado Fresh Trick!

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  • A Message From Ivekt!

    This web series is for those awesome friends who like domestic hints, tricks, and weapons.

    Who knows? You may even use some of Ivekt Awesome Tricks!

    Bun noroc!

    With Love,


    [ from Moldova ]